Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jesus is the Good Shepherd e-message


This is but one example of the funny, irreverent and insightful comic strips produced by Lutheran pastorJames Wetzstein. He calls his comic strip Agnus Day. Every Thursday, the people of St. Timothy Lutheran Church receive an e-message, which is a weekly update of what is happening in the church. It includes my thoughts on the coming Sunday's lessons. These are my initial impressions of the gospel fo

There are lots of things we can get out of John 10:11-18. We see the contrast of the Good Shepherd and the hired hand. Who is the one really invested in the life of the sheep? And it goes deeper than simply doing a job because you are supposed to. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is intimately acquainted with and loves his charges--us.

In seminary, I took a class on the gospels. We had to choose one of the four gospels, pick a passage and that's what we'd work on throughout the semester. Primarily, we had to translate the Greek and look at the customs and culture of Jesus' time to get the best understanding possible of what the author was trying to communicate. At the end of the semester, a project was due that was built around the chosen passage. I chose to do a blog on this coming Sunday's gospel reading.

If you're interested in going into more depth with this passage, here is the link to the blog I created for Gospels class: Even though I put this together over 5 years ago, there are some very important keys that are addressed in the blog that will help us better understand God's word and to better follow the Good Shepherd.